Kristyn & John. Married in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Where to start....?

I've known Kristyn for a few years now... and she quickly grew into one of my dearest friends.  It's always amazing to see great things happen to great people...  or in this case, great people happen to great people.  When Kristyn first introduced me to John, I had a very good feeling about him, and them.  Maybe along the lines of them ending up together... but I never thought it would be as beautiful as this.  I feel so honored to have documented their amazing day.

Here we are, in Riviera Maya, Mexico at the Playacar Palace Resort.  Overcast skies and the slightest chill in the air....  but who cares?  It's Mexico,  it's beautiful, and two beautiful people are getting married.  From start to finish, this trip had me wrapped around its finger.  And this is exactly what I love to do...  to document life and love and people as they are.  My photographs will speak to no one unless they speak to me first.

And here we go.  January 6, 2012.  A beautiful morning that led into an early afternoon downpour.  No worries though - it only rains for 20 minutes or so.  Bride gets ready while partying it up with her sisters.  We then move on to the "First Look" which is still very unbelievable  to me.  I've never seen so much love in my life.  A "Shoes Optional Ceremony" on a sandy and breezy beach of Mexico.  A fabulous italian dinner filled with laughs and family and friends, followed by an entertaining dance party via poolside.  And lastly... I can't forget the sunrise "Trash the Dress" session with our bride and groom.  Gorgeous scene, gorgeous color, gorgeous light, gorgeous couple.

Congratulations to Kristyn and John.  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love.  And here is what I saw: