Disney Cruise Line // My Family Vacation

Back in 2012, my husband, daughters and myself went to
Walt Disney World.  It was a vacation like no other - as they say, it's
the greatest place on earth.  They're right!  It's always so depressing
coming back from any vacation, and we were pretty sad when it was over.  
So sad that we had to book another vacation almost immediately.  
We decided to try one of Disney's cruises this time....
and it couldn't have been more perfect.   On February 8, 2014,
we sailed from Port Canaveral to the Eastern Caribbean on
Disney's Fantasy ship.  To say we had the time of our lives would
be an understatement.  With perfect weather (85 degrees and sunny...
versus Philadelphia's 30 degree and never-ending snow), it was
truly an amazing time.  Gabby and Emma had a blast and even
better - their mom-mom and pop-pop joined us!  It was a 7
night journey with stops at St. Maarten, St. Thomas and
Disney's private island - Castaway Cay.  The only complaint that
I have was that it wasn't long enough :)

I'm so glad I brought my "good" camera.  I was able to get
some great shots.  I can't wait to go back soon!  Here is a collection
of my favorite images from this trip.  Some iPhone shots are
mixed in there too :)  Enjoy!